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New 2021 Ski-Doo Freeride Extreme Mountain Snowmobiles for sale in Ottawa

2021 Ski-Doo Snowmobiles Freeride

Loiselle Sports presents the new 2021 Ski-Doo Freeride extreme mountain snowmobiles. The new models are now available in Embrun, Gatineau and Alexandria.

2021 Ski-Doo Extreme Mountain Snowmobile Freeride 154 / 165

The unique Freeride 2021 snowmobile from Ski-Doo offers you more than power with an ergonomic configuration, the Rev Gen4 platform, a Rotax 850 E-TEC Turbo engine and a SHOT E-TEC starter.

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2021 Ski-Doo Extreme Mountain Snowmobile Freeride 146

The 2021 Ski-Doo Freeride deep-snow snowmobile offers the first-ever factory-built 2-stroke turbocharged Rotax 850 E-TEC engine, an ergonomic configuration for ultimate driving in deep snow, a SHOT E-TEC starter and KYB Pro suspension.

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