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New 2020 Sea-Doo Personal Watercraft for sale in Ottawa

2020 Sea-Doo Watercraft

Discover the new 2020 Sea-Doo watercraft now available at Loiselle Sports at one of our 3 locations in Embrun near Ottawa, Gatineau, and Alexandria located near Hawkesbury and Cornwall.

2020 BRP Sea-Doo Watercraft Sport Fishing

Sea-Doo's unique 2020 Fish Pro watercraft is ingeniously designed and equipped for fishing and adventure enthusiasts.

Sport Fishing

2020 BRP Sea-Doo Watercraft Performance

The 2020 Sea-Doo Performance watercraft gives you extreme speed, precise control, a Bluetooth audio system, and unlimited adrenaline.


2020 BRP Sea-Doo Watercraft Touring

Sea-Doo's powerful 2020 GTX watercraft gives you great comfort, plenty of storage, a Bluetooth audio system and plenty of relaxation on the water.


2020 BRP Sea-Doo Watercraft Tow Sports

The Sea-Doo WAKE 2020 watercraft is exclusively dedicated to ski and wakeboard enthusiasts.

Tow Sports

2020 BRP Sea-Doo Watercraft Recreation

The 2020 Sea-Doo Recreation watercraft offers a BRP Audio-Premium system, plenty of storage and space, excellent fuel economy and great family fun.


2020 BRP Sea-Doo Watercraft Rec Lite

The 2020 Sea-Doo Rec-Lite watercraft is very affordable, lightweight, fuel-efficient, fun and easy to drive.

Rec Lite